News Release

Thailand Announces Newly Created National Nonwovens Association

June 25, 2020

The Thai Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association (TNFA) has now been officially registered on March 25, 2020 in Thailand.

With Thailand a major hub in ASEAN for nonwovens production and usage, this is a very opportune time for TNFA to have created an association of Thai nonwoven companies to come together and provide equipment, products and services for domestic consumption as well as throughout the ASEAN and  globally to service the Disposable Hygiene, Medical, Automotive, Tissue Paper and Packaging sectors.

According to Niwat Lersnimitthum, the Chairman of TNFA, the association will seek to work with other global nonwovens associations, companies, suppliers and distributors that produce equipment, and products, covering the full supply chain for nonwovens from raw material to finished product, to distribution.

Currently, Thai companies from the nonwoven, textile and man-made fiber industries are working hard to help Thailand fight COVID-19 related issues. Face Masks and Personal Protection Equipment are in high demand during these challenging times. These companies have been working around the clock to provide these products for the past few months and will continue doing so.

Due to COVID-19, the Thai and ASEAN public have high demands regarding Nonwoven products and knowledge, the ANDTEX 2020 conference and Expo will have medical nonwovens as a key sector.

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