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Exhibit Profile:

Nonwoven Roll Goods

spunbonded (incl. SM, SMS, SMMS), the rmobonded, punlaced/hydro en tangles, meltblo wn, airlaid, chemical bonded, dr ylaid-needled/needle punched, wetlaid, composites

Raw and Auxiliary Materials

adhesives, hot melts, latex, additives, fibers, filaments, membranes, perf orated film, elas tic film, pulp, fluff pulp, polymer chip s or gr anules, super absorbents (SAP), surface treatment chemicals, tapes, elastics, mechanical fastening

Mechanical Equipment

nonwoven machine s, molding pr eparation machines, web laying machines, forming and drying equipment, reprocessing equipment, finishing equipment, absorbent hygiene product converting machinery, wipes converting machinery, household paper/tissue converting machinery, coating / lamination equipment, prefabricated core equipment, hot-melt glue equipment, ultrasonic bonding machinery

Packaging Equipment

packaging machinery, bagging machines, wrappingmachines, manipulators, robots

Production Auxiliary Equipment

waste-handling equipment, on-line monitoring and inspection systems, testing equipment and apparatus, mechanical fastening

Industrial Application Sectors

filtration & separation, transport, abrasive, agriculture, horticulture, table & bed linen, catering, home furnishing and furniture, interlinings, leather goods, shoes, apparel, protective wear, composites for reinforcement, battery and electric application related, automotive

Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinent products, pet-use products, wipes, facial masks

Medical Hygiene Products

Surgical dressing, patches, surgical suits, surgical sheets, nursing pads, inspection pads

Civil Engineering Geotextile

High-strength spunbonded or needlepunched geotextile, linoleum base geotextile, high-strength one-way grille, two-way grille, three-dimensional drainage network for water conservancy, geotextiles for wells, buildings, pipelines, road foundations, insulation, drainage, slope protection

Tissue Paper

Parent rolls, toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, kitchen towels

Video Conference:

This highlighted Video Conference section is providing the rare opportunity for visitors to obtain the insightful views on technology innovation, market landscapes, and overall development of industrial textiles from the industrial experts, business leaders, and nonwovens organization officials.