Product Highlights

emtec electronic GmbH

Booth No. 508

Many nonwoven products, such as wet wipes, baby diapers and others, are supposed to get in touch with the human skin while they are used. Consumers are more and more interested in how comfortable these products feel and base their purchase decision on this quality parameter. Depending on the application, a certain softness, smoothness and flexibility of the product is expected.

Traditionally, the feeling has been tested by hand panels, which have several disadvantages. These hand tests are time consuming and cost intensive, but one of the biggest problems is probably, that they are very subjective. The human feeling depends on many factors, such as the personal and market specific preferences, the sensitivity of the tester, but also on the daily mood. To measure such important quality parameters by such a subjective test is not satisfying. In comparison to this, the emtec TSA – Softness Analyzer, is an objective method to measure softness, roughness and stiffness of a nonwoven product (base material or final product) objectively. Additionally, it is possible to calculate a human hand feel value from these three. The calculation happens by the help of different algorithms, which are market and application specific and correlate up to almost 100 percent with the human expectation. The device will be shown at our booth at the ANDTEX (booth no. 508). Interested customers are welcome to bring samples to the booth for a quick evaluation of their material.